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Our Technology



The problem

Gas compression is an energy-intensive and technically demanding process. Conventional methods of hydrogen compression demand large amounts of high-cost electricity and generate high levels of noise. Mechanical compressors include moving parts and have high maintenance requirements. 

Non-mechanical methods include cryogenic compressors, electrochemical compressors, and Metal Hydride Compressors (MHCs). The most advanced and commercially viable of them are the MHcs, which have the simplest design, use the least amount of electricity, and have no moving parts. However, the limitations of the present MHCs, which operate mostly at temperatures above 130°C, include lengthy compression times, low efficiency, and thermal energy needs (depending on the scale).


The Solution

Our flagship product is a noise-free hydrogen compression system based on metal hydrides. This technology employs water as a cooling and heating medium (in a temperature range 10-85°C) to achieve hydrogen pressures exceeding 200 bar, making it suitable for scale-up, leveraging the easily accessible and relatively cheaper low grade heat and thus, making it an essential component for the emerging hydrogen infrastructure. This will be a game changer for hydrogen refuelling stations (HRS) since we can reduce OPEX by 85%. 


The Advantages

Through our unique compressor design and introduction of new alloys (with no Critical Raw Materials), our system works by adsorbing the low-pressure hydrogen in the presence of cold water (tap water) and releasing it at a higher pressure when hot water (at 85 °C) is applied thus increasing the pressure of Hydrogen from 5 bar to more than 200 bar. The entire process is fully automated, ensuring high safety and reliability and mitigating any moving parts or noise.

What We


H2 pressure over 200 bar

A unique Metal Hydride compressor, designed to efficiently compress hydrogen  at high pressures, revolutionizing the feasibility of H2 as an energy carrier. 


Reduced O&M costs

We use water as the heat transfer medium within the range of 15-85 C, thus eliminating the need for high-energy inputs that can increase the operational cost. 


High quality & Certification

Our products are patented & CE accredited having successfully passed all safety certifications 


No use of CRMs

We managed to .introduce of new alloys with no Critical Raw Materials reducing our dependency on scarce resources



Our product is modular with high availability and increased reliability.



CYRUS compressors are fully automated and can be monitored remotely

Our Products


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