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HYDROGEN EUROPE - The first Greek Hydrogen Refueling Station using CYRUS compression technology

Yesterday, the first Greek Hydrogen Refueling Station was inaugurated in Athens, Greece. The HRS is located inside the campus of the “National Centre for Scientific Research Demokritos” and has the ability to refuel light duty vehicles (bikes, scooters, utility carts) with green hydrogen at 200 bar pressure.

For the first time, an autonomous RES-operated hydrogen station, is incorporating a pure thermal hydrogen compression system which is completely noise-free and based on metal hydrides using only water as the cooling / heating medium. The technology has been introduced by CYRUS S.A., an innovative start up company and a spin-off of NCSR DEMOKRITOS.

The event was addressed by the Minister of Environment and Energy, the CEO of Hydrogen Europe as well as by the Deputy Minister of Development, the Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructure and the Regional Governor of Attica and Vice-President of the Association of Greek Regions.

Jorgo Chatzimarkakis, CEO of Hydrogen Europe commented: The inauguration of this HRS is a huge step towards the development of a hydrogen market in Greece. The innovative compression system used inside this HRS highlights the importance of spin-off companies and their contribution to the further development of hydrogen technologies.

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